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How to reduce echo in a school gym?

School gymnasiums are often known as one of the most challenging architectural settings acoustically.  Hard and flat surfaces such as floors, walls and ceilings are the main reasons for echo and reverberation.
It is difficult to be attentive when you cannot quite understand what is being said. Because gymnasiums play host to multiple events: physical education classes, ceremonies, or even guest speeches, hearing with clarity is extremely important.

So, how can we improve speech intelligibility? Here are just a few ideas.

Wall Panels

Acoustic wall panels are often attached to the walls to reduce echo and reverberation by absorbing sound waves before they bounce from wall to wall.

Acoustic Baffles/Ceiling Banners

You could also use acoustic baffles/ceiling banners that attach to the ceiling, thereby absorbing sound and offering the same advantages as acoustic wall panels.

Line Array Speakers

Another popular way is to use line array speakers to minimize sound reflection. It is important to select a speaker that is well engineered and a line array speaker that consists of speakers positioned close to each other in a line reproduces sound directly toward the target area, and since the sound does not disperse in other directions, especially in the vertical direction, fewer sound waves are produced and minimizes reflections.

Additional advantages of using line array speakers is that distance is less effective in dB loss due to its acoustic design, therefore, an increased volume level can be achieved while giving a constant volume level across the entire auditorium.

TOA's Line Array Speaker for Gyms

Sturdy impact-resistant (ball-proof) construction is best suitable for installation in gymnasium with adjustable mounting angles for clear sound delivery. Emission angle of the Line Array speaker can be adjusted with a mounting bracket to allow the sound to travel to the back of the gymnasium with minimum reflections.

Example: In gymnasium with 30 m depth, install speaker in the height of approx. 4 m at an angle 0 to 3 degrees downward.


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15. Feb. 2023 / Sound Basics

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