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It's a simple electronic device to vibrate and move the air. We're developing it to move the hearts of people.

Why do thousands of different types of loudspeakers exist? Well, that's because every application requires different specifications and performances. Live performance, classroom lessons, retail music, community-wide announcement, sports event or paging in a factory. Luckily all covered by TOA offerings.


Compact Satellite Speaker System

Ready-To-Install BGM Speakers Featuring Compact Cubic Design with Versatile Sound

BS-301 Compact Satellite Speaker System can produce effective acoustic sounds in commercial spaces like restaurants, cafes, and retail stores.There are 4 small satellite speakers that conform to the design of the commercial space, and can be installed using metal fittings attachments to produce suitable acoustic sounds even in complex spaces.In addition, the subwoofer, which can be temporarily or permanently installed, and capable of reinforcing the projection of ideal acoustic sounds.

Wide Range Horns

CS Series wide-range paging speakers are ideal for indoor and outdoor commercial sound system applications for voice paging, background music and tone signaling distribution. CS Series speakers offer wider frequency range and superior sound quality.

Ceiling Speakers Series

Elegant look that harmonizes with venue’s architecture and decor

Suitable for voice alarm system and background music system use in high quality sound.

Wide Dispersion Ceiling

Expanded listening coverage area through extra-wide dispersion characteristics.

F Series Wide Dispersion Speakers are ideal for music and paging applications such as audio/visual, business music or retail sound systems. The lineup consists of six models with features and price points to suit premium-to-economy applications. Key benefits includes smooth off-axis coverage, versatile range of models and ease of installation.

Interior Design Speaker H Series

Directional sound or design aesthetics? Yo can have both!

The building's design calls for speakers that can be aimed, but the building’s architect is balking at ugly boxes and brackets. TOA has a solution. With our H Series, we’ve taken a whole new approach to mounting speakers - we eliminated the brackets. Offices, restaurants, stores, atriums, foyers, hallways, pew backs: H Series speakers are ideal for any environment where both sound quality and appearance are critical.

Universal Speakers

Multi-use High Performance Speaker Designed to Fit Any Atmosphere

The BS-1030W is a small, 2-way bass-reflex type speaker featuring a wide frequency range suitable for use for announcements and music playback. The BS-1030W can be used for both high-impedance and low-impedance applications. The speaker's splash-proof construction permits it to be installed under the eaves where the speaker is not directly exposed to rain.

Wide Dispersion Box Speakers

Compact two-way speaker designed for high efficiency, wide range and high power input handling capacity.

The F-Series comprise a two-way speaker line of compact units offering wide frequency response and higher, more powerful performance. These highly adaptable speaker systems are intended to meet the requirements of a wide range of venues and applications.

2-Way Passive Speaker System

80 Years of Passion Compiled into a speaker

The model SR-F04 and SR-F08 are pre-tuned with TOA's Sound Philosophy formulated through over 80 years experience in sound engineering, which achieves the best sound performance out of the box.

Coaxial Arrays HS Series

Affordable coaxial array speaker for both permanent installation and portable application

Coaxial Tweeter Array delivers accurate (90° x 40°) directivity control. Well-balanced sound is delivered without treble attenuation to where the speaker is aimed, filling the acoustic space with clear sound. The speaker incorporates large diameter woofer (12" or 15") in a compact , lightweight enclosure that is ideal for use in mid- to small-size venues.

Variable Dispersion Array HX-5

Full area coverage and wider bandwidth sound.

The HX-5 is an innovative modular speaker design that incorporates the best characteristics of the traditional, cumbersome woofer enclosure combined with a CD horn-loaded high frequency driver and the full-range compact speaker enclosure without the drawbacks associated with each type. the HX-5 features remarkably easy to control coverage characteristics including problematic low frequencies and can be installed in a multitude of ways while maintaining a modern, unobtrusive appearance. a system is configured by four preassembled modules with four IF drivers and twelve HF dome tweeters. This configuration allows the variable directivity control and low-frequency dispersion control comparable to use a large constant directivity horn speaker. a choice of 4 directivity angles (15, 30, 45 and 60 degrees) can be employed as needed.

Variable Dispersion Array HX-7

Powerful and compact variable dispersion line array with flexible installation options.

The HX-7 is a variable dispersion line array with SYNC-Driv(TM) waveguide technology. Thanks to its award winning enclosure design, employing four modules per unit, the HX-7 allows precise adjustment of sound dispersion angles of 0 - 15 - 30 - 45 and 60 degrees. The line array offers pristine clarity in a wide range of applications from sports venues, auditoriums, concert halls and challenging houses of worship. With the HX-7 you’re getting affordable quality and stellar performance.

Line Array Type H

Ultra slim enclosure for clearly intelligible speech

Type H line array speaker systems provide clear sound with directional focus on the listening area and a low degree of attenuation over distance, making them ideal for mainly vocal applications in medium-sized installations, even with highly reflective interior surfaces. Four models are available, in close-proximity vertically arrayed short (9-speaker) or long (taller, 16-speaker) lengths, and linear or curved versions that create a uniform sound pressure coverage area.

Line Array Type S

Versatile operation and installation features enhance sound reinforcement applications

Type S Series are 2-way line array speakers that are vertically configured. Each configuration contains 32 speaker elements composed of 8 x 10 cm woofers and 24 x high frequency drivers which are positioned close together to create a continuous linear sound source.

Line Array Type C

Powerful 2-way modular speaker providing 360W power handling.

TOA Type C speakers are module-type 2-way line array speaker systems featuring a 20-cm low-frequency Neodymium woofer and two 2.5 cm Neodymium drivers. They are designed to take advantage of original TOA phase wave front control technology, enabling creation of a sound field combining clear audio reproduction and uniform sound dispersion.

Line Array Type A

Powerful 2-way modular speaker units offering adjustable sound coverage

Type A Series feature proprietary Sync-Drive(TM) wave guide technology which provides a uniform high-frequency sound field. All of the mid-high modules feature dual-compression drivers and a 12" low-frequency driver for greater output and subwoofer module with 18" driver enhances the low-frequency sound.

Active Line Array

DSP beam steering with instant simulation and high speed communication

TOA brought together it s proprietary line array technology and digital signal processing (DSP) technology in developing the SR-D8 active line array speaker. As well as processing both analog and digital audio input, this innovative speaker harnesses 8 built-in digital amplifiers to project sound waves to targeted areas with greater precision than is possible with conventional speakers. By digitally shaping the width and angle of acoustic beams, it can steer sound precisely to desired areas without requiring a change of installation location. This feature makes it well suited for use in venues where structural or design considerations make it hard to move speakers about or where unwanted reverberation must be kept to a minimum.