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Mixers used to be just mixing. Today it is expected they do much more, mixers are the core of audio management.

It's been 50 years since TOA originally developed and adopted the modular concept to support flexible system integrations. Our engineering challenge never ends to enhance the capability of mixers to play more important role in sound systems by adding functionalities such as DSP, routing, and priority management.


D-2000 Digital Mixing System
Integrating high-performance mixing, matrixing and processing functions to meet a wide scope of sound reinforcement applications

Expandable to a massive 128 input/output configuration, the D-2000 Series includes various modules and peripherals that can be combined to create the best possible sound in small to medium-size venues of all types, including hotel banquet and function rooms, indoor sports facilities, multipurpose halls and places of worship and many others.

D-901 Digital Mixer
Fully modular, cost-effective digital mixer incorporating matrix capability and speaker filter function as well as mixing function.

The D-901 is a 19-type rack-mounted (3U high) digital mixer configured with 12 inputs, 8 buses, and 8 outputs. It features signal processing functions necessary for sound systems such as feedback suppression and auto-mixing. Modular construction permits flexible configuration of inputs and outputs, from 2-IN/4-OUT to 12-IN/8-OUT systems. All functional parameters can be set at the unit. Settings can be stored in the unit's internal memory as "preset memory" and can be recalled using the front panel-mounted operation keys.

M-633D Digital Mixer
Acoustic perfection at a touch

With just the touch of a button, the M-633D automatically eliminates unpleasant reverberation and feedback to deliver clear, highly articulate sound. This new-concept digital stereo mixer is next-generation unique.

M-864D Digital Mixer
A fader-type Digital Stereo Mixer permitting analog-feel parameter setting as well as PC or LAN operation.

The M-864D digital stereo mixer maintains the basic functionality and operability of its predecessor, the M-633D, but adds such versatile features as analog-feel fader operation, 8 monaural and 7 stereo input channels, remote controller operation and fine-tuning of settings with GUI software. With its release, TOA has made the clear sound achieved by its proprietary resonance control technology available for use in hotel banquet rooms, multipurpose halls and other facilities that host events of various types.

MX-113 (2).jpg
MX-113 Pre-Amplifier Mixer

MX-113 is the sound engineer to quality output. This desk mount pre-amplifier mixer is 1U size and comes with 6 microphones inputs, 4 AUX inputs and 2 monaural output to meet to all your audio needs.

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