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What are the basic audio problems in a web conference?


For most people, the biggest source of stress in a web conference will invariably have something to do with the audio. ​There are various types of audio problems during web conferencing and you may have experienced some of the following problems yourself:

Hearing the Echo

When you’re talking to another party via a web conference system, your voice sometimes returns to you. Hearing your voice while you are talking can be very distracting and makes it difficult to communicate.

Background Noise

In a conference situation, ideally, you would like it to be quiet. However, this is often not the case and any additional background noise such as other telephone conversations or general office noise can be extremely distracting and off-putting.

Raising Your Voice

If you’re positioned away from the microphone, you tend to talk louder to ensure you will be heard. On the other hand if your voice is unusually low, others will struggle to hear you and often you could be misinterpreted or misunderstood.

Not Sure Your Voice Reaches the Other Part

“Can you hear me?” “Yes, I can hear you.” – unnecessary interactions like this will take up valuable time and will result in a lengthy meeting.


To avoid these situations and others, you should start thinking about using an audio collaboration system with high audio performance and excellent sound processing.


09. Jun. 2020 / Sound Basics

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