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TS-D1000 Digital Conference System


Professional Digital Wired System

Digital communications, coupled with TOA audio quality provides an outstanding conference system that can be adapted to fit any size room.

Benefits of Using a Digital Conference System

Your message reaches the audience perfectly

"No missing word image"

  • Excellent Coherence and Intelligibility

    Speaker and microphone are close to the listener/ presenter to minimize the effort of room acoustics and ambient noise.
  • No Interruptions

    Advanced feedback suppressor (FBS) minimizes acoustic feedback that stops a meeting with an unpleasant sound.
  • No Missing Words

    Auto gain control (AGC) function provides uniform sound volume by adjusting the gain based on how loud or soft the speaker’s voice is.

Facilitator-supporting Features

  • Chairman's Unit Priority Function
  • Setting for Number of Open Microphones

Participant-supporting Feature

  • Voice Activation Mode - Start talking instead of pressing the button. Microphone can be activated in response to a person's voice.






Administrator-supporting Feature

  • Easy Maintenance - A shielded CAT5e cable carries signals between conference units or between the Master Control Unit and a conference unit. 

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