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TS-D1000 Digital Conference System

TS-D1000 series is a high sound quality and secure Digital Wired Conference System, which has received high praise for its reliability with digital transmission, scalability with a maximum of 246 units, and flexibility to be integrated with external devices or software for expanded applications such as remote communications or synchronized camera controls. As a result, it has been adopted in governmental facilities and highly appreciated.



Stakeholders praised TOA's high-quality products and efficient delivery of the TS-D1000 series at "Chintan Bhawan" in Sikkim State.

Jurisdiction: Government
Total number of devices installed: 146
MU: Master Control / CU: Chairman Unit / DU: Delegate Unit

Assembly Hall
MU:1  CU:1  DU:122
Conference Room
MU:1  CU:1  DU:20



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Professional Digital Wired System

Digital communications, coupled with TOA audio quality provides an outstanding conference system that can be adapted to fit any size room.

Benefits of Using a Digital Conference System

Your message reaches the audience perfectly

"No missing word image"

  • Excellent Coherence and Intelligibility

    Speaker and microphone are close to the listener/ presenter to minimize the effort of room acoustics and ambient noise.
  • No Interruptions

    Advanced feedback suppressor (FBS) minimizes acoustic feedback that stops a meeting with an unpleasant sound.
  • No Missing Words

    Auto gain control (AGC) function provides uniform sound volume by adjusting the gain based on how loud or soft the speaker’s voice is.

Facilitator-supporting Features

  • Chairman's Unit Priority Function
  • Setting for Number of Open Microphones

Participant-supporting Feature

  • Voice Activation Mode - Start talking instead of pressing the button. Microphone can be activated in response to a person's voice.






Administrator-supporting Feature

  • Easy Maintenance - A shielded CAT5e cable carries signals between conference units or between the Master Control Unit and a conference unit. 




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