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Chairman Unit


The Digital conference system's dedicated TS-D1000-CU Chairman unit can be instantly used by simply connecting it to the TS-D1000-MU or TS-D1100-MU Master control unit using CAT5e STP LAN cables. It can also be optionally equipped with either the TS-D1000-M1 Standard microphone or the TS-D1000-M2 Long microphone.

  • Delegate unit for basic discussion
  • 0.4W monitor speaker
  • 2 headphone jacks with individual volume control
  • PoE powered
Power Source
24 V DC (supplied from the TS-D1000-MU Master control unit (option), TS-D1100-MU Master control unit (option), TS-D1000-SU Sub control units (option) or TS-D1000-EX Extension units (option)
Power Consumption
1.5 W or less
Microphone terminal: XLR-3-31 type
Monitor speaker: 8 Ω, 0.4 W
Earphone: Ø3.5 mm mini Jack (3P:monaural) x2
Connection Terminal
RJ45 connector x2
LED Indicator
Power indicator, Speech indicator
Speech function, Priority speech function, Earphone volume control (x2)
Operating Temperature
0 °C to +40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
Operating Humidity
90 %RH or less (no condensation)
Case: ABS resin, black, mat finish, paint
Speaker net: Black, mat finish, paint
208.9 (W) x 71.3 (H) x 160.5 (D) mm (8.22 x 2.81" x 6.32")
880 g (1.94 lb)
Optional Accessories
Standard microphone: TS-D1000-M1

Please download Datasheet to access full specifications.

Required Accessory

Optional Accessory

The chairman unit shall be able to guide the conference and manage meetings. The unit shall have a compact design and speech function and shall have an additional button for priority giving the chairman precedence over all participants.
A speech button shall allow the chairman to access the microphone and in doing so will disable the internal loudspeaker, preventing acoustic feedback. In the off position, the chairman shall be able to monitor the delegates via an internal loudspeaker whilst the microphone is turned off. The chairman unit shall be self-powered by the central control unit (TS-D1000-MU) and shall include two mini-jack earphone sockets with individual volume controls.
The microphone shall have a ring-type LED “in-use” lamp located at the head that will illuminate the operation status when in use. The microphone can be attached and detached from the unit via a locking XLR-4-31 type connector. There shall be two optional microphone types available, standard length (518 mm) and a long reach (668 mm). The finish of the unit shall be of ABS resin in a matt black finish weighing 880 g (1.94 lb.) The dimensions of the unit shall be 208.9 (W) × 71.3 (H) × 160.5 (D) mm (8.22" × 2.81" ×6.32")

Optional extras: Microphone: TS-D1000-M1 (standard), TS-1000-M2 (long) manufactured by TOA Corporation

Manufacturer: TOA Corporation
Model: TS-D1000-CU

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