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Design Speakers


The F-1300 Series Speaker are compact two-way speaker systems designed for high efficiency, wide range, and high power input handling capability. These speaker systems can be installed in a manner ideal for the location and intended application.

  • Compact wide-dispersion speaker
  • Up to 150 W continuous program
  • Dispersion angle of 90° x 90°
  • 2-way speaker with high quality 13 cm woofer and balanced dome tweeter
  • Paintable
Bass-reflex type
Rated Input
30 W (high impedance)
Power Handling
Continuos pink noise: 50 W (low impedance)
Continuos program: 150 W (low impedance)
Rated Impedance
8 Ω
100 V line: 330 Ω (30 W), 1 kΩ (10 W), 3.3 kΩ (3 W), 10 kΩ (1 W)
70 V line: 170 Ω (30 W), 330 Ω (15 W), 1 kΩ (5 W), 3.3 kΩ (1.5 W), 10 kΩ (0.5 W)
90 dB (1 W, 1 m) at installation in 1/2 free sound field
Frequency Response
80 Hz - 20 kHz, -10 dB at installation in 1/2 free sound field
Crossover Frequency
2 kHz
Directivity Angle
Horizontal: 110°, Vertical: 100°
Speaker Component
Low frequency: 13 cm (5) cone-type
High frequency: 25 mm (1) dome tweeter
Input Terminal
Push-in terminal
Enclosure: HIPS, black
Punched net: Surface-treated steel plate, black, paint
Joint bracket, wall bracket: Steel plate, t1.6, black, paint
Speaker bracket: Die-cast aluminum, black, paint
162 (W) x 250 (H) x 161 (D) mm (6.38 x 9.84" x 6.34")
3.6 kg (7.94 lb) (including the supplied brackets)
Included Accessories
Speaker bracket…1, Joint bracket…1, Wall bracket…1, Bracket fixing screw…1 set
Optional Accessories
Board hanger bracket: HY-BH10B,
Ceiling mount bracket: HY-CM10B (used for the horizontal speaker mounting),
Cluster bracket: HY-CL10B, Speaker stand: ST-16A

Please download Datasheet to access full specifications.

The speaker shall be a two-way bass reflex enclosure suitable for ceiling or wall mounting. The low frequency component shall be a 13 cm (5") cone-type woofer. The high frequency component shall be a 25 mm (1") dome tweeter. For clear, wide-area sound coverage, the speaker shall be 110° (H) x 100° (V) wide dispersion angle high frequency horn.
The rated input shall be 30 W. The speaker shall include a transformer having multiple taps (1 W, 3 W, 10 W, 30 W at 100 V and 0.5 W, 1.5 W, 5 W, 15 W, 30 W at 70 V) adjustable via the rear of the enclosure. The sensitivity at a distance of 1 m with 1 W of input level applied shall be 90 dB. The speaker shall have a frequency response from 80 to 20k Hz.
The speaker enclosure shall be constructed of HIPS resin. The speaker shall be available in white or black, and also be repaintable. The grille shall be a surface treated steel plate. Brackets for speaker stand, wall and ceiling installation shall be included. There shall be also optionally available brackets for more demanding installations.
The unit shall be compact and lightweight with dimensions of 162 x 250 x 161 mm (6.38" x 9.84" x 6.34") and a weight of 3.6 kg (7.94 lbs.).

The speaker shall be a TOA model F-1300BT/F-1300WT.
The board hanger bracket shall be the HY-BH10B.
The ceiling mount bracket shall be the HY-CM10B/HY-CM10W.
The cluster bracket shall be the HY-CL10B.
The subwoofer shall be the FB-120B/120W.

  • F-1300bt_pfle.jpg

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