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  • VX-050DA Front_freigestellt.jpg
VX-050DA Front_freigestellt.jpg
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System Amplifier


The VX-050DA is an Digital power amplifier used for the VX-3000 systems which is compliant with the European Standard EN54 for fire alarm systems. It is a module type with 1 channel of class-D digital power amplifier, which contribute to energy-saving and light weight design. The VX-050DA also features standby mode to be set for reducing standby power consumption. It requires a dedicated control units VX-3004F, VX-3008F, VX-3016F and power supply unit VX-3000DS.

  • Low loss modular class-D amplifiers
  • Modules to be mounted in the frame units
  • Power level: 500 W
  • Can easily be removed or replaced simply by unplugging them; no need for special tools
  • Dust filter, easy to clean
  • 100 V Output without transformer resulting in light-weight units
  • Fuse easily accessible from rear
Power Source
31 V DC (operating range: 20 to 33 V DC)
DC power in: M4 screw terminal, distance between barriers: 11 mm (0.43")
Amplification System
Class D
Power Consumption
100 W at 31 V DC
Rated Output
500 W (at 100 V line and min. impedance and max. capacitive load)
350 W (at 70 V line and min. impedance and max. capacitive load)
250 W (at 50 V line and min. impedance and max. capacitive load)
(at AC Mains VX-3000DS or VX-3150DS: 187 to 253 V)
Output Voltage
100 V (70 V, 50 V: selectable)
Minimum Impedance Load
20 Ω (at 100 V line), 14 Ω (at 70 V line), 10 Ω (at 50 V line)
Maximum Capacitive Load
0.5 μF
Number of Channels
DA CONTROL LINK: Nylon connector (15 pins)
DA OUTPUT LINK: Nylon connector (2 pins)
Frequency Response
40 Hz to 20 kHz: −5 to +1 dB (at 100 V line, 30 dB* output)
1% or less (at 100 V line, rated output, 1 kHz)
Signal to Noise Ratio
100 dB or more (at 100 V line, A-weighted)
Operating Temperature
−5 to +45 °C (23 to 113 °F)
Operating Humidity
90% RH or less (no condensation)
Surface-treated steel plate
82.8 (w) x 91 (h) x 358.2 (d) mm (3.26" x 3.58" x 14.1")

Please download Datasheet to access full specifications.

Amplifier module with highly efficient digital class-D amplifier with an output power of 500 watts and internal low-loss voltage converter of advanced switching technology.
Lightweight through floating speaker line output without transformer.
Output voltage switchable between 50, 70 and 100 volts.
Fuse easily accessible from the back.
Ventilation with easy to clean filter.

  • VX-050DA Front_freigestellt.jpg
  • VX-050DA back.jpg
VX-050DA Front_freigestellt.jpg

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