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System Amplifier


The VP-2241 Power Amplifier features a 240 W-by-1 channels configuration, and uses the VP-200VX Power Amplifier Module per channel.

  • Power configuration: 240 W x 1 Channel (VP-2241)
  • Usable as standby amplifier for emergency switch over
  • Power Amplifier uses 1 VP-200VX or VP-200VX-BGM Power Amplifier Input Module per channel
  • Programmable power amplifier standby function extends battery-powered operation time in emergency cases
Power Source
28 V DC (operating range: 20 – 40 V DC)
M4 screw terminal, distance between barriers: 12 mm
Current Consumption
4.8 A
Rated Output
240 W (at min. resistive and max. capacitive load)
Output Power (at AC Mains: 195.5 V)
180 W (at min. resistive and max. capacitive load)
Output Voltage
100 V (70 V, 50 V: selectable by internal wiring change)
Maximum Capacitive Load
0.5 μF (at 100 V), 1 μF (at 70 V), 1 μF (at 50 V)
Number of Channels
Power amplifier output (speaker line):M3.5 screw terminal, distance between barriers: 8.8 mm
Frequency Response
40 Hz – 16 kHz, ±3 dB (at 1/3 rated output)
Under 1% (at rated output, 1 kHz)
Signal to Noise Ratio
Over 80 dB
Operating Temperature
0 to 40 °C
Panel: Surface-treated steel plate, black (30% glossy), paint
482 (w) x 88.4 (h) x 340.5 (d) mm
8.1 kg

Please download Datasheet to access full specifications.

Optional Accessory

Proof against short power amp with 240W power on 50V-, 70V-and 100V-Linien, circuit and open-circuit-proof, thermal overload protection. Cross flow air flow by means of temperature-controlled fan cooling. Connecting the loudspeaker outputs on screw terminal. Slot for different input modules. Controllable by the system standby mode with very low power consumption and fast reclosing (< 0.5 seconds).

  • VP-2421.jpg

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