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Line Arrays


The SR-S4LWP is a weather-proof two-way line array speaker ideal for long distance sound transmission and configures a line array by arranging speaker elements vertically close to each other. It satisfies the water protection requirements set down in the IPX4 Standard. It can be converted into the bi-amplifier drive system by changing the internal connection. It can be used for high-impedance applications with the installation of the optional MT-S0601 Matching transformer.

  • 2-way line array speaker with 8 x 10 cm (4“) woofers and 24 high-frequency drivers, installed vertically
  • Sync-Drive technology creates ideal linear sound source
  • Clear sound with reduced attenuation over distance
  • Speakers are reflection-free and feedback resistant
  • Splashproof versions (SR-S4LWP/SR-S4SWP)
  • Bi-amp or single amp drive possible
  • Wide variety of mounting brackets available
Sealed type
Power Handling
Continuous program: 600 W (single-amp mode)
Low 240 W, High 240 W (bi-amp mode)
Rated Impedance
8 Ω (single-amp mode)
Low 8 Ω, High 8 Ω (bi-amp mode)
94 dB (1 W, 1 m)
Frequency Response
70 Hz - 20 kHz (when recommended parameters are applied by the optional DP-SP3)
Crossover Frequency
3.5 kHz
Directivity Angle
Horizontal: 90°, Vertical: 0° (within the range of speaker height)
Speaker Component
Low frequency: 10 cm cone-type x 8
High frequency: 2.5 cm balanced dome-type x 24
Connected Cable
Direct cable withdrawal from internal speaker: Φ8.6 mm, conductor cross section: 1.25 m㎡, 4-core cable, 3 m
Water Protection
Operating Temperature
-10 ℃ to +50 ℃
Enclosure: Plywood, white, urethane coating
Front grille: Punched stainless steel, white, paint
160 (W) x 895 (H) x 255 (D) mm (excluding connected cable)
16 kg
Included Accessories
Bi-amplifier drive rating label …1, Bi-amplifier drive input indication label …1
Optional Accessories
Matching transformer: MT-S0601, Extension plate: SR-EP4WP, Wall mounting bracket: SR-WB4WP, Wall tilt bracket: SR-TB4WP, Protection pad: SR-PP4, Digital speaker processor: DP-SP3

Please download Datasheet to access full specifications.

Optional Accessory

Compact, straight line array speaker element in column form for true line array loudspeaker designs (sound source) in weatherproof execution. Strong alignment of radiation to the front and sides with low vertical angle for PA applications in acoustically difficult environments. Low sound pressure decrease with distance (3 dB / doubling of distance), so even sound pressure distribution than with conventional speakers. Equipped with 8-inch of Woofer and 24 tweeters. Internal crossover, but also control through two amplifiers with active crossover (bi-amp) easily. Connection via 4-core cable with a length of 3 meters. Optional matching 100-volt transformer can be mounted. Diverse optional accessories for flying as well as wall and tripod mount.
Frequency range: 70-20,000 Hz (-10 dB)
Capacity: 600 W
Impedance: 8 ohm
Nominal SPL, 1W, 1 m: 94 dB SPL
Beam pattern: 90° (hor.) x 0° (vert.)
Finish: MDF, painted white
Dimensions (W x H x D): 160 x 895 x 255 mm
Weight: 16 kg
Degree of protection IPx4
Manufacturer: TOA
Model: SR-S4LWP

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