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Powered Box Speaker


The BS-P1030W is a 2-way bass-reflex type speaker with a built-in 30W digital power amplifier, suitable for use for announcements and music playback. The speaker's splash-proof construction permits it to be installed under the eaves where the speaker is not directly exposed to rain.

2-way bass-reflex type
Power Source
24 V DC, 1.5 A (DC Socket "+" Type A: 5.5 x 2.1mm)
Power Consumption
24 W (1A) at rated output
5 kΩ, unbalanced (RCA plug)
Maximum input: +6 dB V ( 2 Vrms)
Signal Gain
+30 dB
Volume Adjustment
Volume Control (Factory pre-set to middle position)
Sound Pressure Level
90 dB (1 W, 1 m)
Frequency Response
80 Hz - 20 kHz
Speaker Component
12 cm cone-type + dome-type
Speaker Cable
Length: 2m Flying Lead (RCA plug) & DC socket ("+")
Dust/Water Protection
IPX4 (can be installed vertically or horizontally.*)
Operating Temperature
-10 ℃ to +50 ℃
Enclosure: ABS resin, white (RAL9010 PURE WHITE), paint
Net: Surface treated steel plate, white (RAL9010 PURE WHITE), powder coating
Bracket: Surface treated steel plate, white equivalent to RAL9010 PURE WHITE, powder coating
196 (W) × 290 (H) × 150 (D) mm (unit only)
2.5 kg (unit only)
Included Accessories
Bracket x 1, Bracket mounting screw x 2, Bracket mounting washer x 2
Optional Accessories
Applicable bracket: SP-410
Applicable stand: ST-16A
**Install with the front facing downward. Note that the splash-proof capability will be lost if installed face-up.
The logo mark needs to be located in the lower section when the speaker is installed vertically, and on the right side of the speaker (as viewed from the front) when installed horizontally.

Please download Datasheet to access full specifications.

Optional Accessory

The powered box speaker is a 2-way 12cm bass reflex speaker + dome tweeter build-in with a 20W digital power amplifier. It is suitable for voice paging and music playback for indoor sound system applications. The speaker splash proof construction permits it to be also installed under the eaves where the speaker is not directly exposed to rain. There is a variable volume control located on the rear and factory preset volume at middle position. The rated power input shall be DC 24V at 1.5A. The speaker unit shall include a 2 meter cable equipped with a RCA plug and a DC socket. The unit enclosure shall be ABS resin, net is surface treated steel plate off-white RAL9010 and power coating bracket is steel plate white. The box unit shall have a frequency response of 80 – 20,000Hz with Sound Pressure level 1watt 1 meter at 90dB. The speaker shall have IEC weather resistance rating of IP-x4 standards with a wide operating temperature range from -10° C to +50° C. The box unit shall be 196mm (W) x 290 (H) x 150mm (D) and weight approx.,2.5Kg

The powered box speaker shall be TOA model BS-P1030W-AS
Option Power Adapter AD-5000-2

  • BS-1030W_BS-P1030W_WIP1_Front.jpg

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